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According to the theory of multiple intelligences formulated by the American psychologist Gardner, each of us is provided with at least seven kinds of intelligence, and the teacher clings to an analytic, practical and especially creative approach. There is not a right way of teaching and learning that works for everybody, but only by balancing the different teaching methods is it possible to reach all students and not only a part of them. At the English Centre, we embrace this philosophy.

Communicative method

It is based on teaching language through communication, simulating real-life situations with the guidance of the teacher who assists and corrects the student. Language is considered as a communicative function not only as a structure (grammar and vocabulary). Student participation is therefore active in the learning process.


It is a method that does not require immediate verbal responses. Students are not pushed to language production nor are they forced to language production if they are not yet ready to express themselves. If language learning is “lived”, and not exclusively “scholastic”, the parts of the brain involved are different, thus imprinting more deeply in the memory what has been learned.

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