English centre

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English, French, Italian, Spanish, German, Russian, Chinese, Slavic Languages, Arabic, Japanese

Interpreting and translation

Translations of legal-administrative, technical and scientific texts from Italian to English, French, Spanish, German, Chinese, Russian, Greek, Slavic languages and vice versa. Sworn translations (sworn translations). Interlingua translations. Proofreading. Consecutive and liaison interpreting. Whispered (Chuchoutage) for business and diplomatic meetings

Service of examiners for personnel selection in the company

The English Center provides companies or organizations with examiners specialized in the selection of personnel during interviews in a foreign language.

Listening Centre

600 CDs divided by language level, to be used at the English Center or comfortably at home in your free time.

English Videoclub

Watching films or TV series on Netflix and Prime Video streaming platforms as well as 300 films on DVD, to better learn vocabulary and idiomatic expressions at the English Center or comfortably at home in your free time.

English in CD-ROM

Through our interactive and multimedia programs it is possible to carry out diagnostic tests on the computer to evaluate the profile of one's language skills, through hundreds of exercises in grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and games.

English Library

700 fiction and literature texts and 250 issues between foreign magazines and newspapers (Speak Up - Time - Newsweek - Spotlight).

Study trips

"Travel & Learn" Many language programs offer only classroom instruction, we organize courses abroad where the student finds himself involved in the real world for 2 weeks of intensive course with a program designed for Italian youth and adults during the summer months, in the US and UK. Students are accompanied by teachers from Italy with accommodation in college or with selected families. Traditional education is mixed with social, recreational, sporting and cultural activities by experiencing an English or American adventure. Program: 15 hours of lessons per week, teaching materials, accommodation, breakfast, transport from / to the airport, events and competitions, excursions, visits to museums, public transport around the city and farewell lunch.