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Trinity College of London. GESE (Graded Examinations in Spoken English): oral examination divided into 12 levels (initial - advanced), ISE (Integrated Skills in English): written and oral exam divided into 7 levels, SEW (Spoken English for Work): oral examination divided into 4 levels. The examinations are supported by a board of external examiners with sessions in May, June and December.


EDI: Recognised by the British Council. 7 steps with 4 tests: Writing, Listening, Reading and Speaking. edi


L.C.C.I.(London Chamber of Commerce and Industry): It is an oral and written exam of Business English, Finance, Business Administration, IT, Marketing, Customer Service, acknowledged by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of London. LCCI certifications are recognized in Italy and abroad at universities, colleges and companies. The exam can be taken year-round on demand. lcci


CAMBRIDGE: preparation to Cambridge examinations (from KET to Proficiency).


TOEFL: (test of English as a foreign language): preparation to the International certification. toefl
ILEC: preparation to the International Cambridge certification of Legal English. ilec
GOETHE INSTITUT: preparation to the International certification of the German language. goethe
INSTITUTO CERVANTES: preparation to the International certification of the Spanish language.


DELF - DALF: preparation to the International certification of the French language. delf-dalf
For the students who were not able to pass any of these exams, the English Centre gives the chance of attending some free lessons to prepare for a following session.